Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wildlife Photography workshop - regular sessions


Wildlife photography as a career used to sound like a dream a couple of years back. Lucky had been those who could persuade their profession and passion simultaneously. For most, wildlife and wildlife photography remained as a childhood passion and one amongst the many lost dreams condemned by our professional pursuits.

Today more and more people have started thinking differently; many have started taking serious interest in learning photography and adopting wildlife photography as a full time carrier. In this market driven economy, today, we can see endless opportunities for a wildlife photographer from print media to graphic designing, from exhibitions to stock photography, from travels and tours to organized wildlife camps, from organized field trips to sponsored projects – options are too many.

However, building a career in wildlife photography definitely demands the photographs to stand amongst thousands and hand holding and personalized knowledge sharing helps one to improvise and excel – and hence Wildlife photography workshop.


In the country, there are maestros in wildlife photography who have taken Indian wildlife photographers to an international platform. These masters are making their best efforts to disseminate knowledge amongst the new comers. Many wildlife photography workshops are being conducted in the country but this is still focal in some major cities, viz. Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. Charges for such workshops range from Rs 4000 to Rs 10,000 because it involves hiring experts for lectures, hiring costly gadgets and infrastructure. Budding photographers and amateurs are enthusiastic about the art but the cost of it becomes a major challenge.

This is for the first time someone in the country, has made a bold attempt to dissipate knowledge in a non profitable way which will help the budding photographers immensely. We, as a team, are putting our honest efforts to make wildlife photography learning available to the enthusiasts and amateurs at an extremely affordable cost.

I wish to thank you all for the motivation and appreciation extended since has gone live. It gives me an immense pleasure to announce the launch of two Wildlife Photography courses… enriched, interesting and interactive. These modules have been conceptualized, designed and drafted based on the various feedbacks received from the fan followers. We aspire to be better every day and we hope we shall definitely be able to meet upto your expectations.


1. Wildlife photography basics – one day workshop
2. Wildlife photography post processing techniques – one day workshop


1. Anyone who is enthusiastic to learn wildlife photography can attend the basic course. No qualification criteria / no age limits / no skillsets mandatory.

2. Amateurs and hobbyists who wish to improve their work can attend both basic workshop or the advanced workshop on digital post processing techniques – depending on the need..


1. Better if you have a digital SLR camera. However, having a Digital SLR is not mandatory. You can do wonders with your point and shoot digital camera as well.

2. For Wildlife photography post processing workshop, we advise you should carry a laptop, if you have one. That would make the hand holding easy for us. However, carrying laptop is not mandatory. You can carry your best digital images in a CD or pen drive and rest will be taken care of.

WORKSHOP DURATION: Full day – 9 am – 4 pm with breakfast, lunch and tea breaks

REGISTRATION INQUIRIES: Call 9819839821 / 09920772965

REGISTRATION CHARGES: Rs 1500 per head for each course


The online payment mode is still under the developmental stages and hence we request you to please send a cheque or opt for an account transfer to account in the name of CAESAR SENGUPTA, Account no. 061010100128452, Axis Bank, Naupada, Thane



Session 1: 9 am – 1 pm - Photography Basics

1. Know your camera
2. Exposure control
3. Shutter Speed
4. Aperture
5. ISO
6. Exposure & Exposure settings - Histogram
7. Depth of field
8. Focal length
9. Tones and contrast
10. White Balance
11. What is Pixel
12. Metering
13. Auto focus
14. Field tips
15. Different types of camera
16. The Digital SLR
17. Different types of lenses
18. Storage Media (Cards), File Types
19. Accessories
20. Camera Care

Session 2: 2 pm – 4 pm – Post processing basics

1. Colour
2. Contrast
3. Saturation
4. Sharpening
5. Blurring
6. Cloning
7. Noise Reduction
8. Layers
9. Framing
10. Presenting your images

This is followed by a one hour interactive Session (Q & A)


Session 1: 9 am – 1 pm - Post processing live Demo

1. Brightness and contrast
2. Levels and curves
3. Exposure control
4. Color balance
5. Hue and saturation control
6. Photo filters and channel mixers
7. Sharpening, blurring and smudging
8. Cloning, burning and dodging
9. Usage of gradient tool
10. File types, image size, crop tool
11. Playing with layers
12. Framing and presenting your images

Session 2: 1 pm – 4 pm - Post processing – Practical – this session will focus on hands on experience on editing your own photographs in your laptops using the image editing software you prefer to use.

This is followed by a one hour interactive Session (Q & A)

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