Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dr Caesar Photography - from the diaries ...

Wildlife photography as a career in India, used to sound like a dream a couple of years back. Lucky had been those who could persuade their profession and passion simultaneously. For most, wildlife and wildlife photography remained as a childhood passion and one amongst the many lost dreams condemned by our professional pursuits.

However, building a career in wildlife photography definitely demands the photographs to stand out amongst thousands and hand holding and personalized knowledge sharing helps one to improvise and excel – and hence this effort.

Today the trend is visibly changing. More and more people have started thinking differently; many have started taking serious interest in learning photography and adopting wildlife photography as a full time career.

In the country, there are maestros in wildlife photography who have taken Indian wildlife photographers to an international platform. These masters are making their best efforts to disseminate knowledge amongst the new comers. Budding photographers and amateurs are enthusiastic about it but limited resources and the cost of it becomes a major challenge.a full time carrier. Today, we can see endless opportunities for a wildlife photographer from print media to graphic designing, from exhibitions to stock photography, from photo tours to guided expeditions, from organized camps to sponsored projects, from natural history to conservation photography, from research to film making – options are too many. is now a strong team comprising of established wildlife photographers, naturalists, conservationists, biologists of the country and veterans in the field of digital photography. Having travelled through the same road, we understand the hurdles and challenges faced in taking this hobby to the next orbit. We, as a team, are putting our honest efforts to make wildlife and wildlife photography learning available to the enthusiasts and amateurs in multiple locations of the country at an affordable cost.

We have initiated a country wide chain of Wildlife Photography workshops, Photography tours and expeditions in multiple locations across the Indian geography with a focused objective of guiding and educating wildlife enthusiasts about natural history, biodiversity and importance of conservation.

I thank all for the motivation and appreciation extended since has gone live. We aspire to achieve newer heights in the coming years towards this objective.

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